A Note From The Chamber President
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Gravette is uniquely positioned to grow and thrive over this coming decade (2021-2030).  Continued buildout and job creation on the “49 Corridor” of Bentonville to Fayetteville is pushing population to the western half of Benton County which is now starting to drive up the prices of the currently affordable homes here.   Interstate 49, which will link Kansas City to New Orleans, runs through Gravette.  The 4-lane section from Bentonville to the Missouri border, commonly called the Bella Vista Bypass, was completed in September 2021.  The Bypass allows our residents to commute to and from Bentonville/Rogers in under 30 minutes!


As Gravette becomes more accessible, more people are choosing to move here and require more of the services we currently offer:  dining, entertainment, arts, parks, schools, hospitals, and public services.  Numerous manufacturing and service companies with national reach call Gravette their home.  If you are considering starting or relocating a business to Gravette, this is a good time as we come out of the pandemic and prepare for increased population growth.  

If you are an existing business owner in Gravette who has weathered the past year, the Gravette Chamber stands with you and is eager to assist your business in every way that we can.   We recently issued a survey asking for your ideas and input on how the Chamber can more directly impact your bottom line.

Whether you are a business owner or someone looking for an affordable and family-friendly small town with all the amenities and proximity to the bigger towns – please take a look at Gravette!


-Steve Harari


Greater Gravette Chamber of Commerce